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Door to door delivery during COVID-19

Due to current circumstances especially meeting up, but also even going to the post office has become a risk. This makes the usual ways of buying and selling on Shpock difficult, but don't worry - we have your back! We care about your health and therefore want to provide you a convenient option to stay safe while not having to refrain from buying and selling things.

This is why Shpock has partnered with Parcel2Go to facilitate safe exchanges for our users during this period of quarantine, by ensuring that all packages are picked up directly from the seller and delivered to the buyer by a courier collection service. To make it easier for you to post items without leaving your house, Shpock will cover up to 50% of the cost difference between standard postage and the pickup service. We strongly encourage all users to use this option in order to minimise any risks connected to the current situation, even if you and your deal partner live close enough to each other to conduct a personal exchange. For further details on the delivery process, please see [Safe collection during COVID-19].

How does it work?

As a buyer you should renounce meetup requests for the sake of the safety of yourself as well as your partner's. Within our established Secure Delivery and Door to Door service, your experience won't change as you can buy and pay for items directly through the app after agreeing on a price with the seller.

As a seller we want you to stay home and stay safe. This is why we strongly encouraging you to use our Secure Delivery and Door to Door service and are incentivising it by covering part of the postage cost. Once you sold an item with Secure Delivery, please select '1. Tap here first to book a courier':

You will then automatically be forwarded to our partner Parcel2Go, where you will be guided through a few steps to arrange the pickup:

  1. If you have an A4 printer at home, you are good to go. Otherwise please select 'No', so that the driver brings the label for you.
  2. Enter the correct parcel details. Certain size restrictions apply.
  3. Enter the delivery address.
  4. Select a day for the package to be picked up by the courier service.
  5. Pay for the delivery either by card or via PayPal.

Important: Take a screenshot of the confirmation mail you receive from Parcel2Go, and send it as proof of postage into the chat with the buyer. This will mark the item as shipped.