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Avoiding fraud attempts

To ensure a secure process during your sale or purchase we highly recommend to always pay or receive payments through our integrated payment system, which ensures that sellers receive their money in a timely fashion and covers buyers in case of issues with the delivery or the item itself.

While we try our best to prevent any attempts at fraud on Shpock, users with bad intentions can sometimes make it through our safety measures. Here are the most common attempts to defraud honest users and how to avoid them:

  • Communication outside of Shpock: As we can judge a case only by the communication visible on our platform, avoid communicating via SMS, WhatsApp or similar external methods, even if a users tries to direct your communication off the Shpock platform. We offer all the necessary tools to stay in touch with a minimal exchange of sensitive information.
  • Unrealistic prices: Especially when it comes to the latest electronics or other highly sought-after items, fraudulent sellers will offer these well below their actual value. Always use a safe payment method, such as our integrated payment system, when buying high-value items and report suspicious listings to us via the respective button at the bottom of every listing page.
  • Early release of money on Shpock: When you pay through our integrated payment system, the money will be held in the seller's wallet until you have confirmed that you received the item and that it is in the advertised condition. Fraudulent users will try to get you to confirm this early with claims such as that they need the money in order to pay for the shipping. Never release money to a seller early, as once this has been done the Shpock Buyer Protection will expire and we will not be able to refund you.
  • Unsafe payment methods: When sending money through bank transfer, transfer services such as Western Union, PayPal with Friends & Family, or similar, you will not be covered and Shpock will not be able to refund you. Fraudulent users will try to convince you to use these methods instead of payments within the Shpock app.
  • Down payment: A common method to defraud users who seek to buy a vehicle or similarly bulky and expensive item are down payments, as the seller will claim it is required to reserve the vehicle or item for you. We highly advise against such payments and recommend to meet up in order to inspect the vehicle or item purchased and to then conduct the payment in person.
  • Fake payment confirmation: In this case the buyer will push you to ship the item as soon as they sent a screenshot, forged email or similar, which is supposed to confirm their payment. Never ship an item before you have confirmed that you received the money directly in your account. In case of payments with our integrated service, we will let you know when the money has been successfully paid and the item can be shipped.
  • Untracked shipping: In these cases buyers will push you to ship the item without any kind of tracking information, while later opening a claim on PayPal or Shpock for a refund. In order to be covered as seller, always ship items with a method that includes at minimum a delivery confirmation (e.g. Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For).

If you feel unsafe during a transaction, please report your partner to us via the dots at the top right of your chat. If you paid via our integrated payment system you will be able to report an issue via the buttons on the panel at the bottom of the chat. Every report we receive will be reviewed individually by our dedicated team and appropriate action will be taken.

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