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Pending balance

The Shpock Wallet is currently not available on our website. Please download our app to use it.

Whenever a Secure Delivery   deal is made, the payment is shown as pending in your Shpock Wallet. This means your money is held safely in your Wallet and can be accessed until the deal is completed. 

Reasons for a pending balance:

  • The deal is not completed yet: A deal is completed when you have sent the item to the buyer and they have confirmed that everything is OK. In case the buyer is not marking the deal as completed, Shpock will automatically set your deal to completed 7 days after payment has been made. 
  • The buyer has reported a problem: When there is an issue with the item (not received, broken, not as described) the buyer can report this to Shpock. Your deal is then put on hold and we will investigate the issue. In this case please check your mails for further details. 
  • The sale is complete and we’re processing your payment: It can take up to 5 days for your money to be available in your Shpock Wallet, even if the deal is already completed. So, if a deal is successfully made in less than 5 days, please allow time for the money to arrive.

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