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What should I do if the item is damaged or missing parts?

If the item you’ve bought with Secure Delivery  is damaged or missing parts, you can report it as a problem on the item listing page.  

If you do report a problem, the first step is to try and sort it out with the seller directly as that’s usually the quickest way to find a solution. If you can’t resolve it between you after 24 hours, you can escalate it to Shpock so we can look into it and make a judgement on whether you’re covered by Buyer Protection. 

As part of this you’ll need to provide further evidence including a photo and clear description of the item. We’ll then speak to you and the seller to determine the next course of action. Should we judge in your favour, we’ll ask you to return the item to the seller and provide you with a full refund back to the payment card you used to buy the item within three business days. Note that as part of our terms you agreed to when joining Shpock, our judgement in any disputes is final and can’t be challenged.

🤩 Shpock tip: If we ask you to return the disputed item to the seller, make sure you get proof of postage with a tracking ID in case there are any delivery problems. Without this, we may not be able to refund you if the item goes missing in transit.

Here are a few examples of issues that are covered by Buyer Protection:

  • The item is missing major parts – for example you buy a book but pages are missing.
  • There are things missing from the order – for example you buy a gaming console and controllers but the controllers are missing.
  • The package delivered was empty.
  • The item was damaged before or during transit.
  • The item isn’t working.

And just for balance, here are a few examples that aren’t covered by Buyer Protection:

  • Any damage was described in the listing before you bought it.
  • There are minor scratches or discolouration on an item described as used or second hand.
  • The item is on our list of things not covered by Buyer Protection.