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The item is not as described

If your item does not match the description please first contact the seller in the chat and try to find a solution with them. Should you be unable to come to an agreement you can report the case to us. When first reporting an issue you have to provide at least one photo as well as a clear and concise description.

Once a case has been reported the review process will start:

  1. We will contact you via email to keep you updated and might ask you for additional evidence such as photos/videos of the unpacking
  2. We will also be in touch with the seller in order to review their evidence
  3. If we decide that the item falls under our Buyer Protection we will ask you to return the item
  4. Send the item to the seller and let them know the tracking number in the chat
  5. Once we can confirm with the tracking number that the item has been returned to the seller we will initiate a refund
  6. After 1-2 business days you will receive the refund to your original payment method

Examples of issues that are covered:

  • The item is completely different from the item in the listing
    • You received a hat instead of a shirt or a pen instead of a book.
  • The item's material is different from what was described
    • A coat turned out to be made of faux leather while stated to be made of real leather in the description.
  • The item is counterfeit but was advertised as authentic

Examples of issues that are not covered:

  • The item was advertised as counterfeit
  • The item has a noticeable odor
  • The item has a slightly different coloration
  • The item is on the list of items not covered by the Shpock Buyer Protection

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