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Size restrictions

Posting with Parcel2Go is currently not available on our website. Please download our app to use it.

With Parcel2Go the following restrictions apply:

  • Dimension:
    • Maximum length: 135cm
    • Maximum height: 70cm
    • Maximum width: 70cm
    • Maximum length + girth: 270cm
  • Max. weight: 30kg

Length is the measurement of the longest side of a parcel while girth is calculated by doubling the combined measurements of width and height. Therefore the maximum dimensions can be calculated using the following example:

If the box below is 40cm wide, 30cm high and 100cm long:

Width + Height = 70cm
Girth = Width + Height x2 = 140cm
Length = 100cm
Length + girth = 140cm + 100cm = 240cm

Important: Don’t forget to include the weight of any packaging material (box, filler) into your calculation!

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