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Fee structure

If you’re a buyer, PayPal is completely free to use!

If you’re a seller and you’re using PayPal, Shpock will take a small fee for each transaction, and so will PayPal. PayPal fees will depend on the kind of account you have and the currency in which your buyer’s PayPal account is in. Here’s a breakdown below.

Shpock Fees:

CountrySales PriceShpock fee (incl. VAT)
Up to £10£0.50
Up to £50£1.50
Up to £100£3.50
Up to £250£5.00
Up to £1000£10.00
Austria, Germany
& Italy
Up to €10€0.50
Up to €50€1.25
Up to €100€3.00
Up to €250€4.00
Up to €1000€8.00

PayPal Fees:

CountryPayPal fee
United Kingdom3.4% + 20p
Germany2.49% + €0.35
Austria & Italy3.4% + €0.35

As a seller you’ll receive the final sale price minus the PayPal and Shpock fees into your chosen PayPal account.

If you need more info about PayPal fees, check out one of these links:

Please note: PayPal's selling fee may vary based on the country of the buyer’s PayPal account and the transaction currency. PayPal is not available for items sold over €1,000/£1,000.

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