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General safety tips

Please carefully read through the following tips before entering a deal with another user.


  • Please avoid leaving a direct contact method in the title or description of your listing (e.g. phone number or email address).
  • Communicate only through the Shpock app with other users. We're unfortunately not able to assist you outside of Shpock.
  • Don't post any sensitive data in the public questions & answers since the messages there are visible for all users (e.g. bank data, addresses, contact information).
  • Please inquire all the necessary information about the item in advance through the public questions and only make an offer if you are really sure about purchasing it.
  • Always make sure to receive a proof of authenticity when buying high-valued branded items. Should you see very cheaply offered branded items, then you can be sure that they are by no means a bargain but in fact counterfeit.

Payment, Collection & Shipment

  • We always recommend meeting up in person and to exchange the item for the money. During a personal hand over the buyer can directly check the state of the item and the seller will immediately receive his money.
  • If you can't meet up in Person use payments directly in the Shpock app.
  • Please discuss the shipping method with your partner in advance. We recommend to always choose an insured shipping method even if this involves higher shipping costs. You will be able to track the package via a tracking number and it is insured from possible damages in transit. If you are sending the package uninsured there is no guarantee that it can be found again in the case of a loss.
  • Never send money or a check via post and do not let others persuade you to do so! Please agree on a safe payment method with your partner (e.g. payments with PayPal directly in the Shpock app).
  • Don't accept payments through Western Union or Paysafe Cards. Those payment methods are meant for cases in which you know the other person very well.
  • Before sending an item, please make sure that you have received the money on your PayPal or bank account. Under no circumstances should you rely only on the confirmation of payment by the buyer. Unfortunately, there are counterfeit PayPal payment confirmations in circulation - more information regarding this can be found here.
  • Should you have received the payment via PayPal please only send the item to the address provided in the PayPal transaction details.
  • Please also be careful with vouchers like e.g. Amazon, Google Play Store, etc. It could be that the codes were already used.
  • If the name of the user and the data he/she sent (e.g. name of the bank account holder) do not match please questions this and only send the money if you are really sure about it.
  • Make sure that the place to pick up the item matches with the location where the item was listed.

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