How can I receive payments securely? - Shpock

How can I receive payments securely?

If you do not meet in person to hand over the item, but arrange to ship it, here are some tips regarding payment:

  • Buy Now (App only): When offering the Buy Now  option on your item, users can pay the indicated price instantly via their credit card. The money will be held safely by Shpock and once the delivery has been confirmed it will be released to your Shpock Wallet, from where you can transfer it to your bank account.
  • Payments with PayPal (App only): When making an offer a user can request to pay with PayPal. If you accept, the whole payment process will be performed via PayPal directly in the Shpock app. For more information about the PayPal payments please refer to 'What is PayPal and how does it work?' and 'How do I sell using PayPal?'.
  • Pay on delivery: With this payment method, e.g. available at UPS, the goods will only be handed over to the buyer when paying the agreed price to the deliveryman.

If you want to receive payment via bank transfer, please make sure that you provide the buyer with your account details in the private chat after both confirmed the deal (and not in the public questions and answers).

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