My account has been restricted. What does this mean? - Shpock

My account has been restricted. What does this mean?

A restriction on your account means that you are unable to use Shpock to its full extent. You are still able to chat on confirmed deals (to complete any unfinished deals) and you can delist items that haven't been sold yet.

Your account could be restricted because you didn't comply with our T&C's, for instance, if you do not follow through with a deal or if you list forbidden items. Please be aware that you are solely responsible for your account, even if you sell or buy for someone else.

You'll be informed about the restriction and the respective violation in your news feed. Once you've entered your email address we'll provide further details about the reason for the restriction and kindly ask you to confirm that you have read the message and will follow our rules in the future. Please make sure that you check your emails and also your spam folder.

Should you repeatedly violate our T&C's we will reserve the right to permanently ban your account. A permanent restriction means that you are not allowed to use Shpock anymore.

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