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How can I report a problem with a deal?

Attention: This article describes how to report issues on deals paid outside of Shpock. Please see here to learn more about reports on deals that were paid directly through the Shpock app.

If there are any misunderstandings or problems on a confirmed deal then please report this to us via the report function.

To report a user in a deal:

  1. Locate the item (you can find your sold or bought items by clicking on your username at the top right and choosing 'Selling' or 'Buying')

  2. Open the respective chat by clicking on the buyer's name underneath the item title

  3. Click on the dots in the upper right corner of the chat and choose 'Report user'

  4. Select a reason and describe the problem

Please select the correct reason:

  • Partner is not interested anymore: Your partner wants to cancel the deal without your consent.
  • Partner is not responding: Your partner does not reply anymore after both confirmed the deal.
  • After delivery, buyer didn’t pay: The buyer doesn’t pay even though you've already sent the item.
  • After payment, seller didn’t deliver: The seller doesn’t send the item even though you have already paid for it.
  • Item doesn’t match description/damaged: The item you received does not match what was described on the item page and/or on the pictures.
  • Inappropriate language: Your partner behaves inappropriately towards you.

Important: Please choose the correct reason - this way we'll be able to handle your case properly and fast. Reports have many advantages because we will be provided with all the necessary information, especially if there are any uncertainties during the deal.

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