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What should I consider before buying a pet?

Please take this important information into account before buying a pet:

  • You are not allowed to buy a pet on Shpock if you are younger than 18 years.
  • Pets are not products, fashion accessories or toys – but living creatures just like us!
  • Pets are social beings which belong to your family. When buying a pet you should bear it in mind that they need care, love and time – like you and me!
  • Before buying a pet please make sure that you can offer it a home for life. If you go on holiday or get sick you will need to provide it with alternative accommodation.
  • Please note that purchasing an animal means a bigger investment than just the initial cost. Please take the time to consider vet bills, food and other living costs.
  • You should not buy a pet out of pity.
  • A pet is not to be delivered by mail or in any other way which is likely to harm, distress or endanger the animal.
  • You do not demand or support any controversial pet surgeries (e.g. ear-cropping, tail docking, devocalization, claws or teeth removal).

You can identify a reliable seller or registered breeder by the following criteria:

  • Pets are sold at an appropriate age. The minimum age for puppies and kittens is 12 weeks.
  • A professional breeder is able to show you proof of his breeding site.
  • Pets are handed over to their new owners at the seller’s residence. Street sales and postal deliveries are NOT acceptable.
  • The mother animal is on site when you pick up a puppy or kitten.
  • The seller offers only one breed. A wide variety of available breeds indicates a questionable seller. The seller ensures the well-being of the animals and can show his/her license and provide the medical records of any animal on their site.

For further information please refer to the country-specific animal welfare regulations for United KingdomGermany, and the EU.

Enjoy your time with your new pet!

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