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Shpock community standards

Of course, we want to be able to offer the best possible flea market experience on a smartphone which is why it is especially important that you and all other Shpock members abide by our rules and regulations.

  • Always be kind, honest and enjoy the Shpock experience :)
  • Try to think of all questions you may have and combine them into one message to avoid spam.
  • Before asking if an item is still for sale you can have a look at the latest response by the seller or check the date of the item listing/last update.
  • Be patient because not everybody can read and respond immediately.
  • Please choose the correct category for your items - this will only make it easier to find them.
  • Describe your item correctly and accurately - this will help to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Let users know if you are willing to ship and how much it costs by adding it in the description.
  • Please don't sell items that are currently not in your possession or "not available yet".
  • Always use self-made pictures instead of pictures from the internet or out of catalogues.
  • Only choose 0.- as a price if you are really willing to hand out the item for free.
  • Don't advertise your items in the public questions & answers section of another item.

Should you act against our guidelines we will remove any offending items and restrict your account. If you repeatedly violate our guidelines we will have to permanently ban your account and you won't be able to use Shpock anymore.

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