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My partner doesn't respond or wants to cancel the deal after we both confirmed an offer

You bought an item but now your partner is not responding or wants to cancel the deal? We have compiled a list of tips on how to handle such situations:

  1. Please be patient and allow some time for your partner to get back to you. We recommend to wait up to 3 days before reporting them.
  2. Remind your partner with a short message in the chat of the deal. This will also trigger a notification to your partner.
  3. Should your partner wish to cancel the deal please discuss possible options in order to find a solution together. If both of you agree to cancel the deal you can consider it closed and start to find new trading partners.
  4. If your partner is not responding for a longer period of time, we recommend setting a deadline for the seller in the chat (recommended: at least 72 hours). If they fail to get in touch with you, you can search for a different item.

If a trading partner is not adhering to the rules we will take appropriate measures, which in case of repeated violations can lead to a permanent ban.

Please be aware that the information provided from our side is of general nature and does not constitute legal advice whatsoever. In particular, we do not assume liability for the validity, integrity, and actuality of the information provided. In a case of a legal conflict, we strongly advise consulting a legal counsel or the police.

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