With a heavy heart, I’m giving up my pet. What's the right way to do it? - Shpock

With a heavy heart, I’m giving up my pet. What's the right way to do it?

Although selling a living creature is forbidden, separate rules are applicable for offering and selling pets on Shpock in the UK, Germany, Italy and Sweden. In these countries the offering and selling of pets are allowed but must comply with the following rules:

  • The description or the picture of the pet should be chosen wisely and with respect.
  • The buyer needs to be informed about the agediseases or any kind of abnormal characteristics of the pet

Furthermore, the following points are prohibited when selling a pet:

  • Selling pets to users younger than 18 years.
  • Street sales or offering, requesting or confirming postal deliveries of pets.
  • Selling protected species and compounds without the necessary documents. For more information have a look at the protected species and sites.
  • Selling exotic, dangerous and poisonous animals.
  • Selling pets with any controversial surgeries which are not mandatory for the pet’s health (ie. ear-cropping, tail docking, devocalization, claws or teeth removal). Requesting such surgeries is strictly prohibited.
  • Selling pets which are located in another country or selling pets as live food.
  • Professional breeding without any approval from an administrative authority.
  • Selling of multiple different species or selling pets in huge quantities, as this conflicts with the proper treatment of animals.
  • Selling pets before they reach an appropriate age. The minimum age for puppies and kittens is 12 weeks or older. The mother animal is on site when you pick up it up.

Users selling pets are obliged to get informed about the legal regulations and are forced to comply with them. If you notice a pet ad that does not comply with the rules, please report it via the “report” function on the respective ad page. Further information regarding animal welfare can be found in each country’s specific regulations: United Kingdom, Germany, and for the EU.

When selling your pet please also take into account the following highly important information:

  • Pets are not products, fashion accessories or toys!
  • When selling your pet you must act responsibly and treat your pet with respect.
  • Please fully inform the buyer about any diseases, health problems, special requirements or behavioural traits your pet may have.
  • Your main intention must be to find a loving and caring new home for your pet – not to make a profit!
  • It is advisable to set up a short interview with any prospective new owners, to make sure your pet is going to a loving home with the right person.

We hope you will find a loving new home for your pet soon!

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