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How does Shpock handle counterfeits?

Selling or offering counterfeit items isn't only prohibited on Shpock but also across Europe since they constitute a breach of trademark law.

Counterfeits are products which are declared as original but are clearly visible imitations of a brand's authentic features. Pointing out that the item is fake does not make it any more legal.

Selling counterfeit items can lead to very high fines. Therefore, only sell products when you are sure that they are authentic.

Should any item of yours be reported as counterfeit to us we'll deactivate it and restrict your account. Should it nevertheless be an original product, then we'd like to ask you to send us some form of proof of authenticity. Proof of authenticity includes the following:

  • Original receipt

Should you repeatedly offer counterfeit items we will have to permanently suspend your account.

In order to avoid this from happening in the first place, we'd like to ask you to always include some form of proof of authenticity when uploading a genuine item.

If you are not sure whether it's a counterfeit product or not please do not upload it.

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