I can't see an offer or a message

If you have received messages or offers but can’t see them in the app, there are two reasons: 

  • The other user has removed it or
  • Shpock has removed the message for your protection. 

When Shpock deletes a message, it’s either because the message doesn’t comply with our security guidelines or the user is showing suspicious behaviour. In both cases we will take appropriate action against the user, so you don’t have to worry about missing a deal.

You may still be able to read the other user's message in the mail notification. This message was forwarded directly to you by Shpock. The other user has never sent you an email directly nor are they in possession of your personal data. 

Furthermore, please do not try to contact the other user (although they have shared their contact details). If you communicate with other users outside of Shpock, we can’t provide any support if something goes wrong.


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