How does Shpock handle counterfeits?

Selling counterfeit items is prohibited on Shpock because these items are illegal and often infringe on trademark law. 

What are counterfeits?

Counterfeits are items that are an imitation of a brand which are normally at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. They are often made of cheaper materials and will not be as high in quality. Examples can also include non-branded, non-authentic, fake, replicas or inspired by items.


What happens if I list a counterfeit item?

If an item is reported as counterfeit we’ll deactivate it and then restrict your  account. If you think we’ve made a mistake and the item is genuine, you’ll need to send us as much proof as possible (such as the receipt and any authentication documents).

If you can’t prove your item is real and you continue to list counterfeit items or break our rules, your account will be permanently suspended.

If you’re a buyer, make sure you check out our article 'Buying safely on Shpock'.

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