Prohibited items on Shpock

Legally prohibited things are also prohibited on Shpock and may not be uploaded. Also, things that could harm anyone physically or mentally or are regulated by law i.e. which cannot be sold to all groups of people, are not allowed to be sold on Shpock. This also counts for counterfeit products. Also, living beings and foods are generally not allowed. 

In the following, you can find a concrete but not an exhaustive list of all the products that are not allowed to be offered on Shpock.

a) Offers with explicit sexual content

  • Pornography
  • Sex toys
  • Fetishes

b) Weapons (this also applies to their components)

  • Small arms
  • Airguns
  • Paintball guns
  • Decorative weapons
  • Melee weapons (exceptions: multitools with a small, built-in blade, kitchen utensils)
  • Throwing weapons
  • Stun guns
  • Pepper spray
  • Ammunition
  • Explosives (fireworks, explosives, etc.)

c) Items with visible or invisible symbols of unconstitutional organizations (e.g. Nazi memorabilia)

d) Items that are not (yet) in your possession (e.g. pre-orders)

e) Narcotics

f) Medical services and products (whether or not they are available without a prescription)

  • Condoms
  • Contact lenses
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Ovulation tests
  • Supplements

g) Tobacco products (with or without nicotine)

  • Tobacco
  • Cigarettes & E-Cigarettes
  • Cigars
  • Liquids

h) Alcohol

i) Counterfeits

  • Copies of goods and brands
  • Counterfeit storage media
  • Counterfeit money
  • Audio & video bootlegs

j) Animals

  • Living animals: Offering, selling or exchanging all sorts of living creatures via Shpock is strictly prohibited.
  • Dead Animals: Trading of dead animals is often regulated or interdicted by law; before listing corpses or parts of dead animals check all applicable restrictions in your country. Shpock reserves the right to delete such items.

k) Food and other perishable goods

l) Media and other intangible goods

  • Virtual payment methods (in-game currencies, cryptocurrencies, Paysafe cards, etc.)
  • Accounts (neither separately nor in connection with a device)
  • High-priced vouchers
  • Locked cell phones
  • Illegally copied software
  • Hardware and software, as well as services that allow copying of copy protection measures (e.g., Kodi, IPTV offers, etc.)

m) Items which are prohibited from resale by the trademark owner or an institution

  • Red Bull and Monster Energy fridges
  • Current uniforms or uniform components
  • Current official identification papers or badges

n) Items which may not be offered with Secure Delivery

  • Car parts
  • Jewelry, watches, precious stones
  • Services


For services, the following contents are prohibited:

  • Listings that reference to another website/app/shop in the description or picture.
  • Listings related to lotteries and roulette systems.
  • Dubious home and gardening work offers/photo shoots, multi-level marketing, referral marketing.
  • Offering and searching for jobs under the age of 14
  • Listings that include a fee-based telephone number.
  • Listings that include the sale of social network pages as well as like and follower generation.
  • Listings with erotic services or articles.
  • Pictures or titles and descriptions, that do not represent the offered service correctly.
  • Services that do not include a reasonable price or are listed as 0,- offers.

In addition, the following reasons may cause the listing to be deactivated:

  • The picture does not show the product or the product is not clearly recognizable
  • Advertising
  • Links to other websites/apps/shops
  • Violation of morality, applicable law or legal restrictions
  • The product was listed "for free" but is not for free.

Further information can be found in our T&C §10 and §11.

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