Why does Shpock need access to my location?

We use your location so we can show you items that are for sale in your area. If you’re a seller, your buyer needs to know where the item is, especially if they are collecting!

When adding in your address on the website, make sure you choose one of the dropdowns. If your address doesn’t show you can try a larger street nearby (perhaps you are on a new road).

In the app your current location will automatically be used as the location for your listing.

Remember! We don’t show buyers your exact location, only an approximate area.


Having problems with your location? Here are our troubleshooting tips:

  • Turn your GPS off and on and then test it with Google maps to see if it’s accurate
  • Reopen the Shpock app
  • If this problem still persists, try turning your device on and off and as a last resort, reinstalling the Shpock app.

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