Fake payment links

When entering a deal, your partner may claim that they require your email address to complete the payment or they may provide a payment link directly in the chat. These links are fake and aim to gather your card information.

If you receive such a request from your partner, please do not open the link and immediately report the issue to Shpock via the menu at the top right of your chat.


Information regarding payments in the Shpock app:

  • Shpock will never ask you to open a link and leave the app when making or receiving payments.
  • If set up, buyers can pay directly into your Shpock Wallet (UK only). They do not need any additional information from you.
  • Shpock does not require any card information from sellers in order to complete the payment on a deal.
  • Shpock does not provide its own courier service. Any requests by your partner to use such a service are attempts at defrauding you.


Examples of fake payment emails and websites:


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