Pending balance - Shpock

Pending balance

A pending payment means that the indicated amount has been paid in full by the buyer via Buy Now  but the money is safely held by Shpock. While a payment is pending the money can not be accessed by the buyer or the seller.

A payment can be pending due to one of the following reasons:

  • The item has not been shipped yet
  • The item is in transit
  • The buyer has reported an issue with the delivery or the item itself
  • The buyer has not yet confirmed that they received the item

Once the item has arrived and the buyer has confirmed that everything is okay the money will be paid out to the seller's wallet.

If the buyer reports an issue with the delivery or the item itself and Shpock ultimately decides in their favor the money will be refunded to their original payment method.

Important: Items must be shipped with a tracking ID as failing to prove an item's delivery might result in the buyer receiving a full refund.

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