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How do I update/add delivery options?

IMPORTANT: Shipping with Parcel2Go is currently only available in the app

To update the delivery options or add them after listing an item please tap on the small dots at the top right of the item’s page and choose ‘Edit’. Please be aware that you can only fully edit an item if you do not have any active offers on it.

In the edit screen please choose ‘Add delivery’ to add delivery options or tap on the existing ones to update them. The following information will have to be provided in order to successfully provide delivery on an item:

  1. Choose whether to drop off the item at one of the courier’s locations or have the courier pick it up. The latter option is recommended in cases of heavier goods that are not easily transportable.
  2. Confirm the item’s weight (don’t forget to include the packaging material in your calculation!)
  3. Measure the parcel’s dimensions and ensure that they are within the allowed limits. If at least one side is longer than 50cm please check the respective option as this may exclude some courier services.
  4. Choose the couriers to offer to buyers to select from. The buyer will pay the full delivery fee.

Once everything is set tap on ‘Save’ to save the changes you made.

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